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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Saga of Cyber Monday

Yesterday was definitely a Monday from beginning to end.

--We had staff development at the beginning of the day, then to compensate, had a shortened class schedule, which resulted in every class being a huge rush. 
--I was teaching a Chemistry class in the library about magazine databases (yes, I was teaching Chemistry.  But the teacher did not let me address anything scientific.  A good thing!)
--It was the first day of the annual book fair.  Which I run.
--I never got my lesson plans finished.  From last week either.  
--I teach Reading Remediation fifth period, which, of course, did not coincide with the planning period of the Chemistry teacher. (by the way, students in Reading Remediation do not like to read, in case you were wondering)
--I went to the bathroom once.
--Sitting down (except for the aforementioned bathroom break) did not happen.
--I did not get a lunch break.
--I realized at the end of the day I had consumed one cup of coffee, 1 can of Coke and part of a bottle of water--something tells me that this is a bit below the recommended daily fluid intake!  
--two student computers refused to go online.  Laptops would not open files created on a desktop.
--not all of the charger outlets for the laptops work and I tried to figure out which ones.
--one of the floor outlets quit working.
--the Mac I'm currently using for email decided it didn't like our school internet filter and refused to allow me online.
--I spent the afternoon without shoes as a tiny stress reliever/rebellion.  Luckily, I wore black, not navy socks with my black pants.
--a boy asked me what I did all day.  
--I honestly didn't know what to tell him.

By the time I left the building, my necklace was too tight and weighed at least a million pounds around my neck, my hair was gross, my clothes were too, too.... just too something..., I was incredibly hot and sweaty, my earrings dragged at my ears, my rings were both too loose and too snug and my watchband was cutting off circulation to my hand.  

So I went home.

And saw this thing plugged in right at head level behind my red (a.k.a.throne) chair. As I leaned closer to see what it was, a sharp pain exploded above my left eye.   Funny, in spite of the day, I had not noticed a headache.  As I backed away, the pain receded. When I leaned in again to look, the pain increased.  It was pulsing with the blink of that consarned plug-in thingy!  That thing was pulsing and sending out death waves right behind the chair I had planned on sitting in and not getting out of until bed time.

And then Les and Molly laughed at me because, clearly, I was the pest that the thing was designed to repel.

And so I stormed into the shower, scrubbed off my skin, violently washed my hair, slammed the shower door, folded a load of laundry, sorted and washed laundry, firmly shut the garage door numerous times as I de-cluttered the dining room table, vigorously closed the washer and dryer, sternly snapped the almost dry shirts that were hung up from the dryer, and vehemently cooked chicken, macaroni and cheese and green beans for my family who then went into the living room to watch television, leaving me to forcefully clean the kitchen.

All.  By.  My.  Self.

Then I ordered some Christmas presents, bought MYSELF some books and went to bed.  

The end.

Of a very, very, long day.  

(however my anger and frustration at home did have a very productive (if somewhat noisy) side affect!)


Taylor said...

I'm glad you bought some books for yourself! Sounds like quite the day! :)

Marilyn said...

What happens if you don't cook dinner or leave the dishes in the sink????? Sorry you had a bad day. Hope this is a great one. My verification word is botout..maybe butout in New England. Tell that to the world and relax.

Andi said...

Ahhh...The joy of a slammed door!

And yet, I scold my children for that very action! Oh well. One day they will have a house of their own and they can slam doors to their heart's content...And scold their children for the very same act...

KiteFlyer said...

"...one cup of coffee, 1 can of Coke and part of a bottle of water..." would lend itself as the explanation for only sitting once during the day (even though you didn't count it).

Hopefully Cyber Tuesday went a lot better.

And here I was hoping to read about all your online successes and discounted finds...

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