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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Things I'm Afraid Of

That I will be pushing a loaded shopping cart through a store 
and will crash into unwisely displayed breakable items.

That little kids will think these are normal piggy banks

Knives and forks loaded point up in the dishwasher--
I might fall and put an eye out!  

That bridesmaid dresses to be made from this bolt of fabric will turn out 

Like this:

Instead of something like this:

Perhaps I have the wrong kind of Fairy Godmother?

EEK!  Molly's getting married in about 10 weeks and I have LOTS to do!

*images were borrowed from a Google Search.


Marilyn said...

It will all be okay. Just be like Sarah and post on FB that you are having a sewing party and it will be fun.

Andi said...

TEN WEEKS!!! That is quick! You will prevail. You always do.

But will you have your sanity?

One Last Thought.......

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