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Monday, February 13, 2012

Danger in the Sewing Room

 The sewing room has become a mess with all the wedding preparations going on in there so this morning I spent a bit of time tidying up, cleaning off shelves, rearranging 'stuff'.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed this scene:

I don't know what Mr. T. was doing to warrant a dragon attack.

There were plenty of witnesses.

But any questioning was answered by looks like the one above.  
(Funny.  I just now noticed that girl is wearing the same look I encounter day after day at school....)

One witness had the grace to look horrified.

There were plenty of smug looks.

And a few blank stares.

All I know is, no one's talking.

Perhaps Mr. T. should find a new home.


Andi said...

Maybe Mindy did that while we were there?

Paula said...

It's the jars of heads that sent that dragon over the edge. Poor Mr. T

Dawn Castor said...

I was actually going to put Mr. T. away and laid him aside. Then I took the dragon off the shelf and laid him/her aside..... Then I looked at them. And realized I'd better capture a somewhat bloggable moment since I seem to have no ideas anymore!

KiteFlyer said...

Ah! I had a monkey like that! He as a banana attached to one hand, doesn't he?

That was my "teddy bear." Well, I also had a teddy bear, but no one needs to know that....

Freckled Hen said...

I agree with Paula it was the jar of heads, I'm going to have bad dreams.

Keetha Broyles said...

Very funny!

The number of toys and heads you have in there makes me think of Toy Story.

Marilyn said...

The stories the dolls from your past can tell, but as you have written, they remain to be quiet.

gail hennigh cox said...

Dawn, love the picture of Raggedy Ann and Andy sitting by the doll (Alice in Wonderland) that my mother made and gave to you years ago! She looks quite happy there and I have two of her sisters here. Mother made and gave away many, many of them over the years! Thanks for posting it...brought back happy memories! (I'm sure she was not involved in the Mr. T episode)

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