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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift Store Discoveries

I like thrift stores and I cannot lie.

There are often hidden treasures.

And I've been going frequently in search of tea cups and saucers and quaint and lovely decor for Molly and Josh's wedding reception.  

I've found some lovely things!  

Only not today:  

Jesus, Mary and Joseph wading in the Red Sea?

And seriously, I almost bought this--I perhaps had a copy of this or exercised (before I became an exercise agnostic) to this back a year or two ago. (Sorry it's sideways--Can't be bothered to fix this today)

But I didn't buy either one.  I've discovered it's more fun to take discreet pictures with your phone (make sure the flash is off!) and post them later than to spend the quarter and take a picture at home.  

Then you have to store and explain your weird purchases (such as that plastic bottle of water labeled "Holy Water" with a sticker of Jesus on it) and you've spent your quarter.

Especially since you (me) need to save your quarters for only slightly cracked or chipped cups since you need a few hundred for a wedding reception.

But the 'looking' has been interesting!


Keetha Broyles said...

What in the WORLD is that Mary and Joseph thing??

It looks like they are wading through gravy with meatballs while burned grilled chicken is hanging over their heads.

So glad you did NOT bring that thing home!!

Hey, when I want a photo in a store, thrift or otherwise, I just whip my camera right out in the open and s.ap away.

Coloradolady said...

Keetha.....thought the same thing.....wow is all I could say!!

KiteFlyer said...

I read the first line and thought you were doing a rap for this entry.

"I like big blogs and I cannot lie.
You other bloggers can't deny." (I'm sure Sir Mix a Lot said "blogs".)

And that's a weird, uh, candle?!?

Andi said...

Kiteflyer is crazy...

And how many tea cups are you at?

Fun post.

Taylor said...

I love thrift store shopping. I tried to get some friends to go with me today and I got denied :(

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