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Monday, March 05, 2012

Owl always love you on March 17th

When my oldest daughter, Sarah got married, I has a wild idea the week before her wedding shower
to make cloth portraits of her and her beloved, Jake.  Jake mentioned how he liked sock monkeys, so I made them a bride and groom sock monkeys.  

So then Molly got engaged.  And again, I've been eyebrow deep in making and finding 
and school and church and such and so on.  

And then someone asked if I was going to make something for Molly and Josh
 like the monkeys I had made for Sarah and Jake.


It's not that I didn't want to, but I had forgotten about them and didn't know what to make
and Molly had twice as many bridesmaids, thus dresses, and tea cups were becoming hard to locate
and suddenly March was really, really close.........

And so I made a bride and groom owl.

 Notice how they gaze adoringly into one another's eyes.

Notice the little faux diamonds on her wing and in his tie.
Notice the gift he has for her.  

Why yes, that's a dead mouse.  
What else would a little girl owl want?

I found this last tag in my stash--left over from some long ago
sundress for a little girl who is now a big girl.
I thought ironing it on the owl's backside would be appropriate.

 Are they just as cute as can be or what????  

Ack!  The day fast approaches!


Paula said...

Whooooo who whooooo loves this? me

KiteFlyer said...

Love the owl's present. Morbidly fitting.

snoble said...

Your talent amazes me!

Andi said...

Dang, my sister is so clever!!

Rebecca D said...

You are setting the bar too high!

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