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Monday, April 30, 2012

Meandering Minds 2

I was going to point something out to you with that last post but since it just went on and on and I've had difficulty posting lately so I had to save it for another day.

Do you know how to remember how to spell principal--the leader of the school?  He's your 'Pal' unlike the word principle which you hope that he has plenty of!  Or she.....I've mostly had male principals in my life Isn't that a handy bit of information?  The spelling part, not the male principal part.

I went out this afternoon and took down the hummingbird feeder to refill.  I had no sooner got back in the house and the poor guy was zooming around the porch wondering where the heck his dinner went.

My stupid ATT/yahoo email is in a password reset loop.  I was in the midst of using it and suddenly a message popped up that said I was signed out and should sign in again.  And then it wouldn't accept my password.  And then I could sign in with my Facebook account so it didn't matter that day.  Then it wouldn't let me use that.  And I've tried to call them but I only get the computer automated thingy.  The web site says they know they have a problem and are working on it....argh.

On my sister's post about making pie on Sunday and the troubles she had, my mom commented that a friend once told her that if you sewed on Sunday, you'd have to rip every stitch out with your nose.  Maybe she meant pick it out with your nose.   Haha!  Get it?  Pick it--Nose?  I'm so mature.  Anyway.

I decided to research that little gem of a quote.  Of course you've figured out for yourself that it came about because of the old belief that you shouldn't lift a finger to do work on the Lord's day.  Some sites added to the saying:  If you sew on Sunday you'll have to rip out the stitches with your nose on Monday.  Or If you sew on Sunday you'll have to rip the stitches out with your nose in heaven.

I'm pretty sure the second version isn't right because it doesn't sound at all pleasant and I believe heaven is supposed to be heavenly.  Not picky or rippy or whatever. Because I've ripped out my share of sewing and it is nothing at all like I hope heaven's going to be.  It's more like the other place....

Our weather radio has gone off to alert us to thunderstorm warnings a few times since since Les purchased it Thursday.  I'm pretty sure if there is a tornado and I'm home alone I'm just going to blow away.  I can't hear the thing unless I'm in the same room with it.  I guess I'll just have to keep my phone close.  At least I can feel the vibration even when I'm terribly death.  Or deaf, actually.  Seriously, can't we get a spellcheck that reads minds?  When I'm death, I won't care about tornadoes or thunderstorms or hail or such.

Oh Gosh!  I almost forgot the reason I started this whole meandering nonsense!

I seldom (almost never) watch TV and today as I was watching makeup ads I got to wondering about something.  All those women in all those ads are dressed provocatively.  And some of them writhe around a bit in them.  One type of mascara is advertised by a lovely model who is shown putting on thigh high stockings and zipping up a dress that I surely would not allow my daughter to wear.

It got me to wondering how the heck we are supposed to know who the 'good' girls and the 'bad' girls are.  It appears that everyone is supposed to be dressing like they are going out to stand on a corner.  No wonder teenagers are so confused about what is right and what is wrong.

Now, perhaps my meandering is over for the time being....if you're lucky!


Keetha Broyles said...

Girl - - - what in the world did you drink before you wrote this?


Dawn Castor said...

Sadly not a thing!

Marilyn said...

I am glad you did that research on the sewing on Sunday bit. I remember it would be Monday that you had to rip it out and honestly I am wondering if it originated in Germany. Learned a lot today. Hope you are better.

DLC said...

OH DEAR -- we have been having issues with ATT internet, and ATT/Yahoo email... A month worth of calls.

Let me tell you a little secret I learned - say 'AGENT' at any time during the call, and the automated thingy SHOULD send you to a REAL Person!

now, isn't that handy information to know?

Rebecca D said...

I was going to ask what you were drinking or what cold meds were you on, but Keetha up there totally beat me to it.
That being said, I totally agree about the make-up ads, and a lot of other ads aimed at young women too... I think it starts with those Barbie dolls... My husband always wanted to know why any barbie that wasn't purposly a career doll (doctor Barbie, astronaut Barbie and the like) look like they shoud be named "street walker Barbie!"

Freckled Hen said...

I hope you are feeling better, your thoughts make me laugh in a good way though I agree with you about the make up thing. One of my teenagers wears too much eye make up--when she can get away with it. It makes me sad to think she thinks make up is what makes her pretty.

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