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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awww! How Precious!

After much antiquing and museum visiting and (oh, did I mention there was a quilt shop?) lunching, the Senior Adult tour headed on over to the Precious Moments Chapel. 

A few guys elected to stay in the bus because they weren't into 'precious.'  
One ornery gentleman asked if this was Victoria's Secret.  I told him yes--they were tricking people
into coming in by calling it Precious Moments.  

Imagine my happiness when I spotted this Precious naked angel (with a fig leaf, of course) 
and snapped a picture for him!  He wasn't convinced he missed much!  

If you've never visited, there is a lovely chapel with tours on the hour with those little tear-drop eyed people decorating it everywhere.  They depict the Bible stories, the children of the world and 
are painted on the ceiling.

Intricately carved door panels

A weathered gate, just cause I like the look of it.

Look!  A fluttering fritellary!
Don't know what kind and I had to take a LOT of pictures to 
get one with the wings open!

When Gabriel sounds his Horn.....

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LV said...

What an interesting place to visit.

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