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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Heard from God Today

Theoretically, I should hear from Him everyday.

But I have this hearing problem.

I actually do have hearing loss and have enough difficulty hearing and understanding the humans that surround me. Well, technically, I can hear them.  What I hear just often makes no sense.  If the air conditioner is running, or the television is on, or there is any noise besides talking, I can't understand what the person is saying.  I do a lot of lip reading and assuming and frantically trying to put pieces of conversation together to make sense.  Which often leads to misunderstanding and hilarious (to my family) interpretations of what has been said.

So yes, I have a physical hearing problem.

And I have a spiritual hearing problem too.  If there is noise around me or the TV is on or an unread book lying nearby or weeds in my garden or my toenails need painting, it just makes it difficult for me to hear God when He's talking to me.

While doing daily devotions and Bible reading, if I'm sitting where I can see my yard, my mind is wandering to what needs done.  If my back is to the window, I can see the dust in the living room.  And don't even talk about the prayer closet--It's a mess!

I do a lot of talking to God during the day.

You know the thing--
--Thanks for the beautiful sunrise.
--Let the light be green so I won't be (very) late for work.
--Just let me make it through this class and still be nice.
--Thank you for Chocolate and Diet Coke.
--Make these kids shut up before I kill them.  (Oh, Wait.  Just kidding!)

It's the hearing part that comes up short.

Today I was at church and working on packing groceries and kitchen supplies for Falls' Creek Youth Camp next week.  We take two coffee makers.  A big urn for the kids--half strength coffee for them if they want it. Heaven knows they don't need caffeine! And we take another one with 'real' super rich, strong delicious coffee for the cooks and whomever else needs the comfort and boost.

After checking the urn to make sure it had all the cords and such, I got the regular coffee maker out of the kitchen to pack into a box.

A still small voice said, "You'd better plug that in and check to see if it works.  You know you will be really annoyed if you get there and it doesn't."  So I plugged it in and guess what?  It didn't work!  So I came home and got my coffee maker out to pack!

Then, this evening, Les and I were discussing supper.  We wanted to ask Jake and Sarah over because they live right here in town and can be here in five minutes.  But I really wanted to ask Molly and Josh too, but they live forty five minutes away and I hated to ask them to drive to town.

Then I checked my phone and guess what?  I had a message that Molly and Josh were on their way to town and wanted to eat supper with us!

I was so happy!  I longed for them and there they were!

God answered two unspoken prayers today.  He knew the longing of my heart and fulfilled my desires before I even knew I had them.

Coffee seems like such a frivolous matter to concern the Creator of the universe.  But He did create it and He created in me a love for the brew.  Like any loving father, He anticipated my need and gave me (and the other camp counselors) something that will delight!

My children are not a frivolous matter.  In spite of the joking that I do about being a neglectful parent and raising independent children, I still long for their presence, their laughter, their friendship and conversation.  God sent Molly and Josh this evening for us to enjoy and set them on their journey before it had entered my mind that I wanted to see them!

I have such a hard time trying to still my mind so I can hear God speak.

But my father, The King, always hears me.  He knows my heart's desires and grants me lovely things, even though I'm a neglectful and self-centered daughter.

I'm so thankful.

Just remember if it seems your life is out of control, and that no one is listening to you that there is One who does.  He's answering prayers you have yet to utter and He's fulfilling dreams you have yet to dream.  He's giving you gifts you don't know you want and probably don't really deserve.

If you can just be quiet for a bit, you'll know.

And you'll hear.


DearHelenHartman said...

What a wonderful reminder to listen for that still small voice. You have a lovely blog - I got here from Thoughts from Meme's corner. I will be headed towards Falls Creek later this summer - all they way from Kentucky - not for the church camp but for a weekend family reunion right across the way. I hope you have a blessed time there.

Paula said...

I love when I see His hand in the little not-so-important things. It is a great reminder that nothing is trivial to Him. It also reminds me that my BIG stuff is as easy for Him to take care of as the little stuff.

Linda M. said...

Hello Dawn, Happy Pink Saturday, LV has sent me to visit you. I read your post about being quiet and just listening for God's answer. I really needed to hear that today, so thank you. I'm one of your new followers. I'm off to read a few more of your posts. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Relyn said...

I love the open hearted honesty of this post.

cindy said...

Your post touched my heart. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.


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