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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Television? Why?

Not the news.  Definitely not the News.  I can get all the depressing information I need from the headlines of Yahoo, and MSN.

Lifetime?  No.  I once watched a movie on there.  Or perhaps three.  But anyway, I determined from that vast amount of research that all Lifetime Movies are about pregnant teens, abused wives, murderous mistresses, cheating husbands, and tragic lives. Oh and kidnapped children and people with diseases of which they will soon die.

Sports.  You've got to be kidding me.  We have a plethora of ESPN type channels, a barage of hockey channels, an inundation of football channels.  Plus all the sports on the regular channels.  I like Olympic sports--some things.  Like Ribbon dancing.  Which is probably not a sport.  I like Olympic Gymnastics.  I like Thunder Basketball.  But I hardly ever schedule anything around a sport unless it is to avoid it.  Except for Thunder Basketball playoffs and I'm not sure what happened there but I got a little manic and crazy about it.

I used to like Glee.  Then they got all about sex on every single show.  I still like the music part with the musical theater staging of the songs.  Just not the story lines. I work with teens.  I'm not living in a hole.  I know that teens are sexually involved with each other and such.  And it's wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  They have enough problems just growing up and adjusting to the real issues of life without adding sex to the mix. And sex has become way to casual--They (many of the real live teens I know) don't have any qualms about hooking up with someone right away.  It's kind of like sharing a coke or something.  Or so it appears to me.  But how will this casual use of each others bodies eventually affect them?

So, not tv shows with teen characters.

The Travel channel--seriously, who can afford those vacations?

Cooking shows--nope, nope, nope. They make me cook. and shop for food. And especially food with cream and butter and sugar and chocolate. And sometimes Nutella.

HGTV--I'm dissatisfied with my house, my yard and my fireplace surround. And don't get me started on those yucky tiles in our bathroom.

So I can't watch tv shows with food or home decorating.

I guess I'll just stick with books. There's this one series by Sarah Graves called Home Repair Homicide. And I like those culinary mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson. There's recipes in the back! And last month I read a terrific football novel called Pop by Gordan Korman. I used to really love Harlequin Romances (back when they were romances, not how to novels) and my favorites were set in Foreign countries.

Oh, the irony, the irony.


Freckled Hen said...

Books will always win me over, too. Your words really resonate-- TV is dumb!

LV said...

I am with you. I will take a good book over any means of news these days. I rarely watch TV.

Andi said...

We were really blessed to have a dad who called it the "idiot box." I look at all of the time Brent wastes TRYING to find something worthwhile and I just happily read a book...Or a random strangers blog!

(he claims it's because we need to have dish/cable. I say there would still not be anything on.)

Relyn Lawson said...

Our family hasn't had a television in 15 years now. Don't miss it a bit.

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