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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My family had a lovely gathering over Labor Day weekend.  Almost everyone was at my parents at one time or another.  Unfortunately not all at the same time, but when your kids begin to grow up and have their own schedules for work and school and such, it becomes near impossible to get together.

The visit consisted of many dogs, shooting doves (Les got one! Jake got two! We didn't have to eat any!), game playing, drinking coffee, family gossip, feasting and hilarity.

Les and I didn't get to stay over on Sunday because of course, he's a music minister and hello, they kinda like him to be at our church on Sundays!

But Sarah and Jake got to go with the rest of the family to the little country church I grew up and was married in.  They got to sit next to my grandma and Sarah sent me the best gift--these pictures!

You may or may not have guessed that they did not sing from spotchy hymnals so Sarah included this original "before editing" picture.

Isn't this the most beautiful?  I'm not sure my grandma would agree, because she spent alot of time in her younger years hiding from the sun, coloring her hair and using quite alot of Mary Kay products.  

But these hands have made alot of meals, changed a bunch of diapers, caressed fevered cheeks, swatted naughty children, killed snakes (in her living room), worked cattle, wrung chicken's necks, painted pictures, sewn garments and quilts and folded in prayer......

There's no end to the works of love these beautiful, time worn hands have done.  I've been blessed with the effects of many pairs of hands like these in my own and my husband's family and I'm sure you have at least one pair of hands in your family that are as lovely as well.  Aren't you thankful for them?


Paula said...

I cried sweet tears when Sarah showed these pics to me. I love when I sit beside Grandma and she holds my hand. I never tire of it. I try not to let her see me looking at her hands because I don't want her to be paranoid, but I love them. Great post.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh yes, I think that time-worn hands are so beautiful - they speak of years of diligent use.

Andi said...

Sniff! Great post!

Freckled Hen said...

Much more beautiful than all those pins on pinterest with nail polish. I love your words about all she's done with those hands....so sweet.

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