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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello--It's November?

Seriously--I didn't realize that it was almost Thanksgiving until this past weekend.  I don't watch tv but looked up a few times to notice the Black Friday commercials that were on.

Seriously?  I mean--isn't it just October 20something????  I vaguely remember Halloween but I was in the church building in Christmas play practice while all the Fall Festival activities were going on in the parking lot.   We've been working on the the Christmas Musical since August and since the temperature has remained in the 70s, it's hard to believe that the actual holiday season is upon us.

Just because we are working on Christmas stuff, doesn't necessarily mean that I'm ready for it!

I'm thankful, thankful thankful that the holidays are near.  Because that means I'm just a few days away from NOT teaching this particular reading class.

It's so exasperating.  We are researching 80s hair bands.  Not headband hair bands but rock groups with big hair.  Yes.  I'm vainly attempting to have some fun.  But.

The paper I passed out yesterday had 'Your name" on the top line and "band name" on the second line.  One students seriously asked "What do I put here?" (pointing to Your Name")  sigh.......  But these are the same ones who can't find articles about Martin Luther King, Jr. in an alphabetical list because he is not in the 'M' section, so what did I expect....

And spelling!  Much hilarity ensues when people spell 'Artist' wrong.  They leave out the letter S.  Luckily, this was soooo funny that they were laying their heads down on the table instead of laughing out loud.

Just two more days....two more school days till Thanksgiving.

I can do it.

Because I don't want to sound totally crazy teaching (attempting) research and reading skills with rock bands, I am tying in cultural phenomena (walkman, video, electronics music, computer graphics) with the musicians.  And I picked the bands.  I did not include Motley Crue to the dismay of one young man who pouted and didn't want to do anything if he couldn't do them.  wahwahwah....  


Paula said...

Your assignment sounds like one that my oldest just did and he LOVED it. He even did a "name that tune" segment during his speech and his teacher loved it. He wasn't limited to hair bands, because it was a speech over all things 80s. He thought it was totally cool

Keetha Broyles said...

Dawn girl! I'm just glad to see you are still alive, kicking, and blogging! I was just about to put you on the "bloggers we miss" list!

Andi said...

But did you include Aeroesmith?

Relyn Lawson said...

I was sneakily fast this year, wasn't it? Two more days for us, too. And - we get to wear jeans. YAY!!

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