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Friday, May 31, 2013

You do this, right?

When it's time to go on a trip, don't you fantasize about the cute accessories you could take with you that would be so fun to make?

Do you spend hours on line looking for a template, then give up cause of course, there is plenty of time to look and make it later?

Do you decide that you're really not in the mood to make anything anyway and you can be satisfied with the same old bland stuff everyone else has?

Do you decide the last minute that of course you need a cute patchwork neck pillow for the plane and then be glad you thrifted those random blocks of quilt squares that were not enough to do anything with except make this?

You don't?  


I do!  Now I have an adorable (yes, it is isn't it?) neck pillow to take on our Ireland trip.  I hope I don't lose it.  

Side effect--it kept me busy instead of worrying about all the storms in the OKC.  Not that I didn't still worry but I didn't sit in front of the tv being confused about where the storm really was in relation to my loved ones and I prayed while I sewed.

Oklahoma is still getting pounded by Tornadoes!  Please pray the weather settles down.  I was hoping for a cool, wet spring.  And it has been cooler and wetter but stormy too!


Paula said...

Love it and your "Grandma" vase with the roses. I am so excited for you all.

We've been praying for family too. THE Man is of course giving me minute by minute updates which is good and bad. Andi's girlies had their helmets ready so I'm thinking there all set. LOL

Freckled Hen said...

I have been thinking about all my OK friends, even my bloggy ones. Hope you're okay!
I just read your post below and had to sit for a minute and collect myself. I am certain I will reread it a time or two more. I was recently diagnosed with MS and am having trouble processing all of this!
I imagine your daughter has been going through so much emotionally, I have kept your family in my prayers.
Your words below just prove what a special person you are. Your daughter is lucky to have such a mother to lean against when she needs it. And I feel lucky to stumble upon your words when I did...more than you will ever know! Thank you!

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