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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I heart Hardware Stores

I had to take a key from school to be copied the other day. Wal-Mart didn't have enough key size choices, so I went to the local hardware store. I gave my key to the key copier guy and he said it might be awhile and I could come back later in the day if I wanted. He had panels and drawers full of key blanks and wasn't sure how long it would take to find my fit. I assured him I didn't mind waiting. I'd just wander around the store for awhile.

I had forgotten how I love to wander aimlessly through a hardware store. Especially hardware stores in relatively small towns. They have everything I've ever wanted and just didn't know about!

Packets of shims in all sizes. Something about the perfect squareness of the packet and knowing that those bits of wood are anything but square appeals to me. And you never know when you might need a variety of shim sizes! (for the unfortunate ones who don't know what a shim is--it is a wedge shaped piece of wood that is used to square, level or tighten things when building-- doorframes, cabinetry, etc. The wedge shape means that you have the size/thickness you need always--you've just gotta shove it in far enough!)

Precut pieces of plywood, nice wood for shelving, balsa and another kind of thin, easily molded wood--in a variety of sizes and thicknesses--build a birdhouse, put up a shelf, craft a model airplane....

Millions of screws and washers and nuts and bolts in all sizes and lengths. We have cans and tubs and buckets full of these at home--but never the right size or finish--galvanized, anyone?

Fireplace accessories, light fixtures, miles of pvc pipe, big white plastic tub sinks for the garage or laundry room--I want one to wash our sheepdog in (as if)--they are less than 100 dollars. 'Course, not including labor, plumbing and a faucet.....but the sink's cheap!

A myriad of cleaning supplies including lye soap. Galvanized buckets and tubs in every shape and size. I'm leaning toward putting up a clothesline. Except for the hanging out the clothes and taking them down part!

Kitchen items--pans and teakettles and coffee grinders and cherry pitters and burner liners and fruit strainers, jars, and lids and old fashioned rubber rings for canning. I need some of those!

Workmen's caps and hats and coats and coveralls and even tube socks!

A rainbow of paint and stain and woodfiller. A plethora of sandpaper in every grit and shape--for belt sanders, rotary sanders, hand sanders, etc...

Garden soil, mole traps, inflatable owls to scare snakes (do those really work?), seeds, pickers on long poles for cherries and nuts and apples.

Bird seed, hummingbird feeders. But you won't need this if you get one of those inflatable owls....

Hammers, saws, grinders, barbecue grills, wooden ice cream freezers. Oh yeah, summer's calling

Packing boxes and rolls of bubble wrap. (How fun does that sound!)

Glass doors with hidden screens that roll down and screen doors that slap when you go through them.

Shelving and gutters and finials and decorative wood trim.....

And keys in every size and shape--including the one I wanted!


SmilingSally said...

The neighborhood hardware stores are struggling with the big "box stores" (Home Depot and Lowe's) in competition. Yet, it's the neighborhood guy who seems to have what you need.

Hilary said...

I must say I would probably not be so entertained at a hardware store. I'm glad you had a good time! BTW-I learned something today. I did not know what a SHIM was. Well, I guess I just didn't know that's what they were called.

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