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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A-Conferencing we will go Day 2

Don't we look sweet?  Yes, those are the Great Smoky Mountains behind us!  We got up bright and early, fired up the computer and checked the Romanian web site and our email for news of Molly, ate our breakfast and headed to Biltmore, the Vanderbilt Mansion in the Mountains.
Les--talking?  Can you believe it!  He is on the phone with someone who's wishing him a happy birthday!  Isn't he cute!
Here he is again--looking mighty good for 43.  The Walled Garden is in the background.  One side was bordered with all white flowers.  There were espeliered fruit trees and other small trees.  

Won't you come into my garden?  Was it Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the Pipewrench???? Sometimes I just crack myself up.  Cause I'm the only one who gets my jokes.
There he is again--on a giant slab of rock spanning a lovely little stream that leads down to the Bass Pond.  
"Where are the pictures of the house?"  I'm so glad you asked! No filming, photos, recordings, etc. were allowed in the house itself.Here's the house, er, mansion, er home....

A Castor funny--Les gave me a hundred dollar bill when we drove up to the ticket office so I could go buy the tickets while he parked.  I had looked online at the cost and thought I had told him what it was.  But evidently I didn't!  Cause after he joined me for the preliminary video, he asked for the change.  There wasn't any and in fact I had to dig up my very own hoarded-away-from-my-allowance money to come up with the extra for the two tickets and audio tour rentals. He was astounded.  "I thought the tickets would be like, oh, fifteen or twenty dollars each" he says as his jaw hit the floor!  Silly Man.  He had no idea of the magnitude of the operation we were going to view and help support with our ticket purchase!  
But the ticket price was well worth it.  I was so excited for this day cause the reason we came early for the conference and drove to Ashville, was to visit the Biltmore mansion!  I'm just voyeuristic like that.  You need to go.  It was quite the eye opening experience to how the wealthy lived.  Amazing!


Sae said...

I am sad I missed this :(

Andrew Clarke said...

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Kara said...

I remember when we went several years ago, I was floored by the ticket price. We had only been married a couple of years and didn't have lots of extra cash, so I hated to use all of it on tickets but it was totally worth it! Glad you guys are having fun!

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