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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A-Conferencing we will go Day 3

We started the day with a place that's always good! Cracker Barrel. Look at the steam rising from that cup! Delightful Caffeine. The sight makes me happy! Les is a hot chocolate guy--Cheers!
Conference rule #1--always, always, always bring a jacket. Even if the humidity is 90 percent and the temperature is the same. Don't stare into your closet like I did and decide none of the jackets will match your clothes, then walk away and forget about it. If you do, you will have to go find a mall with a JCPenney so that you can find something on the clearance rack you can charge to your credit card. Course if you don't spend all the money on mansion admission tickets, you might not have to be so budget conscious.
Rule #2. Bring a book if this conference isn't for you. That way when you are sick of listening to music and sight singing with professionals around you, you can be rude and read for awhile. Hopefully the book will take your mind off your aching posterier that is stuck in a church pew for 7 hours.
Rule #3. Keep snacks in your purse. You never know when the provided food will be something that you abhor. Like huge slabs of porkchops with butter beans and canned corn and cold white rolls and brownies from the 89 cents a dozen box. Oh and sweetea. Which I thoroughly enjoyed after being polite and tasting the rest of the stuff. But perhaps you like all these things.
Rule #4. Keep the camera charged. Plug it back in after mansion visiting so you will be able to take a good picture of your favorite group, Phillips, Craig and Dean. If you don't, you will have to use your camera phone. Then your picture will look like this one.
Rule #5. Pack plenty of underwear. I don't know what happened. I'm the panty queen. I usually have extra clean pairs after a long vacation cause I'm kinda obsessive about clean ones. You can never have too many. You can wear a pair of pants twice--but not underwear. I must have left a pile on top of that jacket I forgot. So, anyway, I'm doing laundry in the sink. I can't see that this will satisfy my clean underwear fetish cause there's no agitation and I don't think shampoo is the best substitute for laundry soap and Panties dried over the towel rack are not only unattractive to see, but also stiff to wear. The blow dryer thoughtfully provided by the hotel thankfully helps in the stiffness department. You are on your own in the attractiveness department. Perhaps new ones should be purchased for vacation use. Some of my underwear actually look they belong in Motel 5, not the one we are staying in.
This is just a public service announcement. I'm proclaiming my shortcomings to the world to save you from these same mistakes.

And by the way, another piece of advice.
Never leave the 'l' out of public.

Just be patient. You'll get it later--Like I said, I crack myself up!


Mandy said...

You crack me up too! And if you can buy a cheap jacket from JCPenny's why not some cheap underwear from Walmart. But I do like orange underwear!

Poppy said...

I like the red ones! Happy birthday tomorrow. You look good for a lady your age also!!!!

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