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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

EEEK: I'm Addicted

Please help me--I can't stop. I've clicked on link after link today, discovered buttons and widgets and finally (kinda sorta) figured out how to edit this thing and I can't leave it alone! I'm even considering (gasp) allowing advertising. Not Really.

Well--remember The Pioneer Woman blog? So, I'm reading it today and notice she has a link to another blog, The Country Doctor's Wife. And the Pioneer Woman called her 'delightfully bizarre," just the thing I enjoy, and I clicked. And cracked up at her story telling and her funny-ness. So visit her.

And while visiting her, I was directed here where I created this awesome magazine cover! Am I cool or what!

Make one and share it--you know you want too!


Sae said...

you are hilarious!

Sae said...

P.S. I hate the thing i have to type under this comment box... its dumb

Dawn said...

I'll take it off, but everyone else has one so .....

Andrew Clarke said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tialyn said...

So it is you who started this mess of blogging! Yip! you have started a domino effect because not only are you unable to stop the blogging, but this timely habbit as corrupted sarah and I! shame on you lol!

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