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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome Back, Polly

This is Polly--Polly Pocket. She's lived with us for quite a while--she and a menagerie of toys, baby Pollys and her friends--can't remember their names, sadly. She's lived in a box in the closet. But, today she came out to play!

This is Mindy (left) and Grace (right). They are my nieces. We like them to come out and play occassionally too but, unlike Polly, they don't have to live in a box when they are not playing:}! They love to get out Sarah and Molly's toys and play when they are here.

Kinda like Molly and Sarah used to like to go to Grandma's house and play with their mom's old stuff! They always loved all the Strawberry Shortcakes (which still smell good after twenty some years, by the way).

This is Molly and Sarah on the Fourth of July. It appears they are playing--but they are really helping unpack and organize Grace and Mindy's toys at their new house. Or so they say. They helped unpack a lot of stuff, but I think they had the most fun with someone else's Barbies and Pet Shops and Pollys!


Sae said...

Polly was much cuter smaller! Same for Pet Shop and Barbies look better as Barbies and should not be replaced by Bratz. I'm sorry but those Bratz dolls are dumb! However, if my little girl really wants them and I can not persuade her otherwise, I'm sure I will give in.

Dawn said...

DONT'T BUY BRATZ!!!! I'm pretty sure I didn't let you get everything you wanted. And i changed this blog by the way to be much cuter so check it out!

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