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Monday, July 14, 2008

Please Pray for this Girl!

Molly is fulfilling her dream of going to Romania on a mission trip this summer. She has wanted to go from the time she first heard about them in grade school, then when Johnny Murgu came to stay for a couple of years as our 'exchange' pastor, she grew really close to him. So she's excited about going! And her dad and I are excited too except that....we're sending our baby around the world without us! So pray for us too!
Molly (and Sarah too) really humble me. They are great Bible readers, awesomely willing to serve where ever God leads them. And they don't see obstacles! Molly knew there was no reason she couldn't go to Romania. She's so adventurous!


Mandy said...

And she is gorgeous too! I love her hair!

Crystal said...

When is Molly leaving? I would LOVE to pray for her.

Kara said...

She specifically asked Cory and I to pray so we are! She is an amazing young woman of God...good job mom and dad!

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