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Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Fun!

I went downtown Tuesday to go junking. I wanted some vintage table cloths because we are having Senior Adults here tonight for a cookout and my card tables look yucky. I don't like any of the new ones I found and vintage is so much more fun--don't you think? But I digress. So I went into "Not Necessarily New" cause you never know what you'll find there for a quarter! Sadly no table cloths but....I found the coolest dishes! Still in their boxes and everything! Very fifties--atomic looking. They are called Diamond Carousel and I paid a whopping 2.00 bucks for each place setting--6 of 'em. AND there was a sugar and creamer for only 1.50 each! And I found a funky coffee table for Molly with a leather top and a leg that's just a little wobbly!

I took a picture of the dishes right there in the store with my trusty little camera phone and sent it to Sarah to see if she wanted them. Well, she never replied but I know that you must Seize the Day in junk stores so I bought them and hoped for the best! 20 dollars later and three trips across the street with my prizes, (and ignoring the little voice in my head that says Les is gonna roll his eyes at this table for sure cause you know I have a weakness for junky tables and chairs) I set off for my next destination--The Cobweb!

After a happy (and sweaty) hour of browsing, I found 4 bowls to match my 'new' dishes! Sarah will be so excited! I hope!

And Molly loved (I think) the table.

And I take back everything I said about just wanting a phone I can talk on 'cause I've had tons of fun texting my kids and friends and sending pictures. Poor Sarah had to get a picture every place we went when we took the Sr. Adult trip to Indiana. She was sad cause she wasn't there!

And I'm still looking for those vintage table cloths!


Kara said...

Those dishes are too cool! If Sarah doesn't want them, I will take them off your hands:) Looks like you had a fun day!

Becky said...

Since I am getting rid of all of my old junk (maybe not all...) Guess I will have to hit the "used" stores to replace it. Knowing me, I would probably just buy my own stuff back :D

The Apron Queen said...

I'm officially jealous. LOVE the cups! :)

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Sae said...

OH I LOVE THEM! So you better not give them to Kara!

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