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Friday, August 01, 2008

A-Conferencing we will go Day 4

Can you say Kudzu?  This pesty import from Asia is also known as the "foot a night vine" and the vine that ate the South.  It is everywhere and oddly attractive--to a foreigner like me!  It swathes the trees and bushes and fences and...well I think everything that stands still.  It is kind of eerie looking in the early morning fog.  I discovered that it has a lot of uses--probably developed out of desperation to get rid of the plant.  

What is that????  It appears to be a Giant Peach.  Is James nearby?  Is the creepy worm around or those mean, scary aunts??????

Well, I'll be--it is a peach.  A peach of a water-tower, somewhere near the border of North and South Carolina on the Interstate.  I forgot the name of the town.  So sorry--My note-taking skills are evidently poor.  Don't tell my teacher friends--or the students I rant at for the same sin--failure to take notes! 

Ya know, I thought these towels felt new.  And then I saw the fuzz all over my arms as evidence.  And then I saw this tell tale tag--Thanks Margie Easterling--for inspecting the towels I would use at the Spartanburg Raddison.  I liked them--great quality!

So sad.  Our trip is almost over.  We will be flying out W A Y early again tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  I'm gonna have to talk with the travel agent (The right Reverend Pastor Castor) about our flight plan next time.    

Oh but parting is such sweet sorrow, so says Juliet to Romeo.  (Course, you know how they ended up) We've had such fun and saw such sights and on the freeway from Spartanburg to Charlotte, we were enticed with all those things we could just pull off and see if we had another day or ten.  And all those things we could buy if we had a car.  Like in an ANTIQUE SHOP EVERY MILE OR SO.  Not like I noticed or anything....

I'm ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, eat my own food (which doesn't include squealing animals or lima beans) and make sure Molly's fish is still swimming.  Oh, Ok, I'm even ready to go see the neurotic dog, Daisy.  

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