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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Raining! And a Cat!

Praise the Lord for Pets and Rain!

This is Patch--hunter extraordinaire. And Friend of Frogs.

This is Patch's friend--amphibian extraordinaire. And cat companion.

I don't know why this frog doesn't run, er, hop away! Patch goes out to the pond and carries him to the porch (picture four frog legs hanging out her mouth). She drops him and pats him and prods him and harasses him till he doesn't move anymore.

Patch finds a bug to harass.

The frog hops back to the pond.

Repeat this cycle.

Poor frog--to be tormented. Poor Patch, reduced to amphibious friends. Funny animals--to provide me with an endless source of amusement. If only they didn't shed. 'Course the frog doesn't shed. But I don't want to let it in!

I love our cat, hair and all!

P. S. About Patch's hunting skills--She stares for hours at a mole/gopher site and sometimes catches them. She is a good bird catcher. And last weekend, she had a bundle of something she was batting around on the patio and lo and behold it was a hummingbird! Poor bird but how the heck did a de-clawed cat catch a hummingbird!


Beth Ann said...

thats pretty funny! I would love to see a pic of the cat holding the frog! LOL

Kara said...

That is too funny! I am not sure our cat would dare touch a frog...she is a bit of a sissy!

Annemarie said...

If it moves, the cats are on it. Hey! Just found you, I'm a teen librarian in a public library, and I LOVE it when I hear "do you have any more like..."

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