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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School!!!!

Amazing pictures of Molly 'n Me--First day back to school!

You're gonna love 'em.

Keep Scrolling.

You're almost there.

It's worth the effort, I promise!

How happy we look! I'm trying to look ready and Molly's not! And notice the spots on my face--what a happy beginning to a new school year--wrinkles, colored hair and ta-da--zits! What's up with that????


Becky said...

I think next year, Molly will be all smiley when her senior year starts, but maybe you - not so much.

Beth Ann said...

that is SOOOO funny! It really speaks volumes! LOL Your daughter is so gorgeous! It is neat to see you two together and having fun! (giggle)

Kara said...

Molly looks so thrilled! I remember dreading the first day as a teacher, but now as a parent, I am oh so thrilled...I can't wait until 2012 when all three boys are in some sort of school :)

Dawn said...

I think (hope) Molly is faking that expression. I know I'm faking mine:)

and Kara is one of THOSE parents--who just want to inflict her darlings on a teacher so she--the one that brought them into the world and raised them--can have some peace and quiet!!! Love ya, Kara!

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