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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Read This Book!

Remember those supplies I took to the music conference to save myself from stir-craziness? No, I'm not talking about the Kashi bars! It's the books, silly. Cause you see--I can survive with no food. Not happily, but it's possible. But I can't survive without books. I get nervous and shaky and the urge to find A Book, or any other printed material, overwhelms me! So what I'm tellin' you in a round-a-bout way is that you need to read Petticoat Ranch, the first book of a trilogy called Lassoed in Texas. It's about a woman named Sophie with four daughters who is trying to survive on her own in the Texas Frontier. Her husband was killed under mysterious circumstances, the ranch sold out from under her and the beginning of the book finds her and the girls buried deep in a thicket (shades of Brer Rabbit!) where they are barely surviving. A mysterious stranger, who looks amazingly like her dead husband, rides into their midst one dark and stormy night, fleeing danger of his own. They meet, sparks fly, true love happens, girls cry, friends return, bad guys arrive....it's great! You'll find it a funny, romantic read with authentic western flavor! And if you've read it, Calico Canyons is next. It's even better than the first one!
If you go to my church, where I just happen to be in charge of purchasing books for the library, check it out. But hurry, cause silly me only ordered one copy! And there might be a waiting list!

Now who is this vision of loveliness? The one with the halo around her head? That's Molly, my little world traveler. I'm afraid I stole this off one of her fellow missionaries Facebook page. And I don't know him well enough to steal from. I hope the copyright police don't get me! But it's such a beautiful picture I wanted to share it with you so I thought I'd try that philosophy of 'don't ask for permission, just apologize later.' So sorry Bryan, but it's really your fault cause you took such a great picture I had to share it!
I believe the Romania group (which Molly happens to be with) will travel to Budapest on Monday for a day or so of sightseeing and relaxation before they hop on the plane to Amsterdam, then home. Since we've returned from the conference, we are really starting to miss her.
Thanks for all your prayers!
Hey--Read That Book!


Mandy said...

I would love to read that book. The problem I have is that when I am reading I do nothing else. For instance I stayed up intil 4:15 last night finishing a book and now I am paying for it today!

Becky said...

I feel your book addition - I can't really enjoy the book I am currently reading if I don't have a couple waiting in the wings. And now I want to read the books your described. Sounds like your trip was great! I am jealous of your Biltmore Mansion trip. Greg and I always hit the "rich folks" places, because they are so awesome and we know we'll never live like that :)

Mary Connealy said...

Hey, thank you for the kind words about Petticoat Ranch.

I'm a book addict, too. For real. I am very careful about what I start reading late at night because I CANNOT QUIT!

If it was beer, my family would be holding an intervention.

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