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Friday, August 08, 2008

Yep, Our Girl's Home

Molly returned home last night. We excitedly waited at the gate and shoved the other returning Romania visitor's parents aside so we could scream her name and run and jump on her when she came into view! You know how we can be calm, quiet, and unobstrusive at all times! Subtle--that's us!

The group was supposed to arrive at 5:15 but the flight from Budapest to Amsterdam was unable to land because of rain, so they missed the connection to the U.S. Then they split into 3 groups, all traveling to various areas of the United States before finally landing in Oklahoma City. Mike, our youth minister and the trip coordinator, his daughter and nephew drew the bad flight plan and ended up staying the night somewhere else and sadly didn't get home till today. But the important thing is, they all made it home in one piece!

She didn't sleep last night after we got home at 2:30 and has been kind of jet-lagged, so we didn't have much conversation about her trip except that she wants to go again!

And I'm afraid I've stolen again (please forgive me, Molly)--these pictures from her picture folder on the computer.

But I had to show you something! And I can't get her up to ask. The girl needs her sleep!

Maybe I can get her to be a guest blogger and recount some of her adventures.

So--do you think she had fun????

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Shelley said...

Molly, You are definately braver than I am because I get petrified just thinking of flying over the ocean. Flying over mountains and prairies scare me as well. I've always wanted to go on a mission trip but I have to fight the "fear factor" first. Way to go! I'm proud you let God use you and didn't let your fears (or your mom and dad's fears) keep you home.

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