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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vintage Thingy

Hideously Cute?

Adorably Hideous?

You tell me! I spotted this in a local antique/junk store and passed it up that visit. But I couldn't get the little porker out of my mind! So when I was planning the tea party and needed(wanted!) more serving pieces, this guy presented the perfect solution! Fulfill a want with a need! And he filled the position nicely, I might add!

Here he is, on the serving table, presenting a lovely arrangement of fruit and cheese!


Kara said...

My mother in law loves all things pig, so I know she would absolutely love it! It looks like it worked well! You find the most interesting stuff:)

Jewelgirl said...

This is so cool, is the pig really
a spear server? Never knew anything
like this existed! I would use this
at a buffet too,love it!

Lidian said...

I love that pig, i would have gone back for it too!

Coloradolady said...

I oh, so wish I could find one of those. That pig is so adorable. Is that what the pig was made for? If not, it is really cute, and it looks so cute on that table. Man, I bet it was an attention grabber. Very cute.

ellen b said...

All I can do is smile real big. I love your creativity and supplying your need here...

sista #2 said...

OK so that thing is so ugly its cute!!! LOL love it!


Elizabeth said...

I love him as a pig, but the kabobs sticking out make me think of the picarinos at a bull fight! I wonder if the manufacturer made bulls, too?

Grandma J said...

How adorable is that pig? I need one of those!

Carrie said...

That is a real conversation piece!

Elizabeth said...

I saw your first day of school post...your daughter looks just like you!
You asked if I am a librarian, which I consider an ENORMOUS compliment! Many of my best friends are librarians, and I am a huge reader. I am an English and Social Studies teacher, and I make undertaking of relevant research a huge priority in my classroom.

Beth Ann said...

Oh my goodness! I think it is hideously cute! What a most unusual piece! I would have gone back to get him too! Good choice!
Thanks for stopping by my salts! Have a great day!

Beth Ann

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