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Monday, August 25, 2008

What's in your Purse?

No contents were removed--just rearranged in an artistic fashion for your viewing pleasure! 3 pens, 2 fingernail files, fingernail clippers, one squeezable flashlight (that you must be desperate to use cause it's hard to squeeze), wallet, coupon organizer, notebook and planner, bandaids, phone card, taco factory business card, udder cream(!)lotion, Orbit gum, 1 lip gloss, 1 lip balm, 1 mentha-lip, 2 jump drives, keys (church, Memaws house, school, other cars) eye drops, hair clip, cell phone, bits of detritus, gum wrappers and old lists wrapped around chewed gum and a pill box. And amazingly enough--no feminine products. I'm seeing(or not seeing!) a lack of these on display in this little game. But Kara's pregnant..... I guess the rest of you are discreet.

Ok--I tag Tisha, Ashley and Sarah!


Becky said...

I am laughing at the udder cream....maybe this old cow needs some -I hear it's really great for tough, dry, old skin :D And thank heaven I need no feminine hygiene products!

Tisha said...

I am getting you a tide to go pen!!!

Mandy said...

You are so funny! Just caught me at the right time of the month I guess. The birth control pill really helps predict these kind of things.

Ashley said...

I love your wallet! I think that your match's mine though :)

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