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Monday, August 25, 2008

About Boys and Bathrooms! Oh, and Blessings!

Go to this site right now--right now! The CountryDoctor's Wife and read her post on Choreganizer's. It's a hilarious spin on boys bathroom habits--to me anyways 'cause we're all girls in this house except Les and he's neat AND he cleans too!

But I have a brother. Who had less than tidy habits. Who had his own bathroom. In his closet. Consisting of a gallon coffee can. Which he never emptied......ick. You know my mom was one happy person when she discovered that!

I prayed I would not have sons. And the Lord heard my prayer and He answered me! (picture my beautiful girls here so I won't have to upload another picture and perhaps bore you with their perfection, beauty and grace)

What's not to love about Les anyway? Handsome, talented, neat, well-groomed, adorable, awesome singer, good cook, great dad! Cute in glasses or whatever! I love my husband--he's the best! And he's a wonderful spiritual leader in our home! The Lord has blessed me so in my family.

Now if only he (Les, not God) would let me stay home and read and blog and shop or whatever.......I'm gonna be lookin for a little counter like Tish has on her blog for anniversaries and birthdates. but mine's gonna be a count down till school's OUT.

Just kidding.



Kara said...

Great link, I will check it out, especially since I am outnumbered here! You are right about your man, he is a great one!

PS - I am only 1cm...YUCK!!!!!

Mandy said...

I just read that link, and she has got it so right. I can't stand the pee everywhere!! I agree with her that I should have never let my boys stand up to pee. Sitting down should have been the only option. I also have nightmares about finding something like your mom found in your brothers closet!

Becky said...

Remember the Treat twins - they were too scared of the dark to go to the bathroom at night, so they kept cups by their beds - Yuck! I feel so blessed to have girls, Greg never had a problem in that area. I think his mom would have never let him reach adulthood if he had!

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