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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Breakfast Obsession

Have I told you about my breakfast obsession? It's bizarre but I can't do without these things in the morning.

I have eaten so much of Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal with dried fruit that our microwave permanently smells like Maple! It's so good, sometimes I crave it for other meals. In fact, typing this is making me salivate....

And Yogurt! Only the kind in the green package--My favorite flavors are Vanilla and Mixed Berry! I've tried other brands, but they just don't satisfy that yogurt longing. It's the perfect combination of smooth creaminess and bits of fruit. Mmmm Mmmm Good.

If only my tongue were long enough to get to the bottom of this yogurt cup!

And of course, coffee.....I'm not particular about coffee brand as long as it's good and strong. Oh and I want some creamer in it too. Cream is best but it kinda defeats the purpose of that other food I've listed above. Doesn't the steam rising from the cup make you want some?

This summer when we went to Indianapolis with the Senior Adults, all of the motels except one had continental breakfast. They didn't have MY brand of oatmeal or yogurt, but I was able to cope for a few days cause they did have some oatmeal and yogurt. But one of them--the nicest, the fanciest, the ritziest one--only served DONUTS AND COLD CEREAL.
I was grumpy till lunch.

So I ask you--Is this an obsession? Or an addiction?

Another question for you--blogging about minutia such as my breakfast....Obsession????

P. S. Like my bowl?


Ashley said...

I get such a kick out of reading your blog!!

Sae said...

lol> I think it just works for you and that is all you have to say. If it works then go with it.

Hilary said...

That does look really good-and healthy, too! I LOVE breakfast food, just about any breakfast food- any time of the day. But I especially like those things, and I love coffee!

Anonymous said...

I just love checking up on the life of the library lady. You make it all sound so good. Actually that is my favorite too except I don't eat the yogurt. I have to have the oatmeal and toast and coffee. Especially the coffee. MSj

Mandy said...

That looks really good to me. I don't even get up in time to have breakfast, much less one that looks that good!

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