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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vintage thingy--gastronomic delight

Tonight, we had a vintage home cooked meal! Now, I cook most nights but it's usually what's in the freezer that will cook quickly without being thawed! But for this meal, I planned ahead! My mom had given me some home-grown okra and fresh pears from some farm truck. We also had a bunch of eggs from her young hens. So the combination of the food is a little strange, but it's home-made and home-grown and that, my friend, in this hurried up, fast food society, is very vintage!

We feasted on Pecan-Crusted Chicken tenders and cornmeal breaded Okra. Cooked in a cast-iron skillet, thank you very much and served on antique Currier and Ives dinner ware with tea--sweet or unsweet, take your pick!

And the pears were so delicious, I had to make something with them--See that bite gone?

Aren't these pretty? I made a pear tart. As easy as...pie. Well, really easier. Take a refrigerated pie crust and spread it out on a flat pan, I used a baking stone. Turn the edge over and press down to help hold the juice in. Spread some melted jelly over the crust. I used some home-made cinnamon/sand plum a friend gave me.

Thinly slice the pears (no need to peel) and arrange artistically on the crust. Sprinkle, dot, pour, or whatever more jelly over the pears. You don't need a lot cause it will run off the edge of the crust, then you will have to scrub the baking stone--who wants to do that? And put it in a 400 degree oven for 20-25 min.

Savor your meal while this bakes! Don't you just love fried okra?

Have your husband nearby when you pull this deliciousness from the oven. He will agree that it looks and smells divine but my husband always believes that something is better with a little icing! It's really cause he just wants to lick the bowl! So I let him mix it up while I clean up. By now, the tart is cool enough the icing won't run off and you won't burn your tongue on that jelly!

Now, swirl and twirl your icing covered spoon over the top of the tart so it will be beautiful. And delectable. Store the icing away in the fridge for another treat later--if you can wrestle the spoon from your spouse! Swat your husband's hand when he's swiping the icing off the edge of the baking stone. You don't want him to burn himself and you will want those dollops and drips on your fingers instead! Now the slices on this tart are thin--so probably two pieces is ok! It's like...half of a slice of pie!

Now that's old fashioned good! yum, yum!


Sae said...

Sounds awesome! Love the pear tart! Sounds amazing!

Sarah said...

Yes, home cooking is becoming more and more vintage.....your pear tart looks good! I have a lot of pears I need to use up also.

Eileen said...

Hmmm.. well this is very creative. I have to say I never heard of a home cooked meal called vintage. That is so funny! But sadly true I guess. Your food looks very yummy!

Thank you for visiting, so I could come and find you. That word thing in your previous post looks very interesting.. but maybe I'd be afraid to try it!

Carrie said...

Your meal sounds tasty...wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Yummo...what great home cooking, it's making me salivate!! xx

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, I gained weight just reading your blog! Isn't is great when home cooking is vintage? :D

Ashley said...

that Tart looks delicous! I love the pic of les licking the spoon so funny!

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