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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I confess, I'm as bad as that woman who took unflattering photos of John McCain!

I'm afraid that I used my dad. Yes, I used cropped photos of him to embellish my blog. I'm so selfish--I'm all about what makes ME look fun.

But he is so darned cute in this picture. I just couldn't resist cropping the rest of us out!

And now my mom wants a GREAT big one for their wall. Without the rest of us.

I'm thinking that this is what Dad might have been after on the bank.

The lures weren't attracting a thing for us that day!

By the way, I think they caught a bunch of fish, but the fishermen were all old country boys and couldn't be bothered with a camera. Here's a picture of what they might have caught! teehee!

All these photos are thanks to my daughters are never without their cameras. One of them took all these shots. Mostly they are scenic/strange eyeball views. And mostly they turn out pretty neat!

hmmm. Wonder if I have a shot of my dad with a big old string of fish in my files somewhere......


Andrew Clarke said...

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Sae said...

hey mom! I like the photos! I also like that I took them and I dont get credit. Thanks.....

Love you :D

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