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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What I did not do on Labor Day Weekend

I've been a bad blogger/poster/person. I know you've been visiting my site and there's nothing new, funny or weird here. But I've been busy.

I did not have a baby--that was Kara.
I did not go camping--that was Becky and Sally 'n Annie 'n Katie 'n Mandy. And Sarah, my daughter, went camping also.
I did not sleep late. Oh, wait--I did that one day. Clear up till 8:10. Y'all are jealous aren't you?

But....I did:
Go to my Dad's Birthday party. Isn't he cute? He just turned 63. This isn't a new picture by the way! Go visit Sarah's blog to see a more recent picture! Oh--and she also has pictures of chickens. They might interest you more than pictures of a total stranger blowing out his birthday candles. But then again, they might not.

And I re-arranged and (eek!) dusted this room. The iron and ironing board refuse to stay in the closet.

And I sewed together the blocks on this quilt. Quit being amazed. I did not say I pieced the blocks--Les' great-grandma did that. I sewed the blocks together. But it's turning out good, don't ya think? It's for Molly. She chose the green fabric.

And I baked and ate this for a fish fry. (Thanks Allen family for catching and cooking a million and one fish for that delicious feast!) And I'm still eating it. It's kind of dry so I have to put ice cream on it. The sacrifices I make..... But if I threw it away, it'd be wasteful, right? This way, it's 'waste-ful!' Haha. I sometimes just crack myself up. Or roll my eyes, I'm not sure which at this moment.

And I read these trashy novels (titles hidden to protect the innocent). Well, maybe they are really not that trashy--if you skip some of the pages. Ok. They are trashy. But I skip those parts. Usually. Sometimes.

And I ate too much of this--blame Les for buying it. And doesn't it look cute on this little dessert server? Or whatever it's called. And we can blame Molly's friends for arranging the candy here. Everyone's out to get me in the sugar department. snicker. teehee.

And I drank a lot of this! Not 'cause I had too--cause I love it. And it makes me happy. And if I'm happy--everyone else's life is much better. And it has a whole lot less calories than that stuff up there.

And I didn't take any pictures (you're welcome) of all the diet coke cans I emptied.

So many bloggable moments--so much wasted time--just a lack of digital illustrations.

P.S. And Molly just reminded me that I left off something that happened to her today. No. I don't have photos. Sorry! She has to get reading glasses. And I'm sure they are very cute on here cause she is cute no matter what.


Sae said...

Oh man! I want to see pics of the reading glasses! Out of all the pictures you put on there you excluded of the truely interesting thing that being Molly's glasses! Oh and you called Mindy, Grace in the "blowing of the candles" picture. Also, the picture of the candy on the vintage platter is like old meets new, vintage meets modern.

Dawn said...

I have no pictures of her cause she doesn't have them yet and we didn't take any. Good Grief on the name thing--just call me memaw!

Kara said...

Looks like you were productive :) I love all the candy and sweets, better you than me, I do have some weight to loose now you know! Only 8 1/2 pounds came out, there is still so much left! Love the quilts, so pretty!

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