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Friday, August 29, 2008

Late Vintage Thingy on Friday

I wasn't going to participate in Vintage Thingy Thursday, but Molly went to "Not Necessarily New" today and brought me a present!

So, although it's Friday, I had to share her fun find!

For only $1.00, she brought me this lovely tiered hand-painted china server.

But what's this????

Someone smeared tacky gold paint on the plates.

Molly paid a dollar for this??? It should have been a quarter. But it's still kinda cute.

I guess I'll clean it up a bit.

It's really filthy--probably in someone's garage......

Well, lookee there!

That nasty gold paint scrubbed right off and hidden below it says "Nell and C.B. 1907-1957."

How sweet is that?

Buried Treasure covered in Fool's Gold!

It's beautiful now!

I think she got a bargain.

I'd have paid--

oh, heck, at least $5.00 for it!

Thanks Molly!


Tisha said...

Maybe I should go into the stores here in town you shop at. I love that kind of stuff, but have never been lucky enough to find such good things!!!

Grandma J said...

Dawn, that is a real find. I bet if you look on the bottom you can find the manufacture's name or more info. Check on ebay and I'm sure you will find that it's worth more than 5 dollars.

I love it!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think your blog name is super!

Amy said...

Someone probably tried to paint over the images, although I don't know why but it's still a lovely tiered cake plate anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW what a treasure and it cleaned up beautifully. I certainly would have paid $5.00 for it LOL!!! xx

Elizabeth said...

How awesome is that! Pretty server, and it cleaned up so well! I love that it has the original names for the 50th anniversary!

Sojourn said...

Hi Dawn, I think you're server is lovely. You might want to do a bit of reseach on it, you might truly have a real find there.

Thank you for visting my blog, hope you'll come back often. I agree, most clowns are kind of weird but this guy just reached out and grabbed my heart. He just looks so sweet and happy. He'll probably always be an only child cause I'm not really into clowns.

Come back soon and you'll get to see my recent Flea Market finds.

Carrie said...

What a wonderful thrift find!

Sonja said...

Oh my God you did a beautiful job cleaning it up! It is beautiful. What a great friend!

Jennifer said...

That is beautiful! What a bargain she found for you.

Becky said...

What a great weekend - there's nothing better than eating and reading! And it is obvious to me that Molly is a better shopper than me - all I ever see in that place is old jeans and towels!

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