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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cookie Monsters

Have I told you that I have the best husband? Well--I do! He not only cleans house and does the laundry on Fridays, his day off, but he cooks too!

We are all excited about the upcoming Fall Break--We need one! So we've been discussing and planning and buying new lures and all that in preparation for annual fishing trip to Canton Lake!

For some reason, snacking at the lake seems to call for Trail Mix, Sunflower seeds, Strawberry Twizzlers and Oatmeal cookies--Lots and Lots of Cookies!

Cause trolling in the boat, lounging in the Fall sunshine, and pulling fish after fish (we wish) from our hooks works up quite an appetite! So Les decided to get a head start on the cookie baking Saturday.

"But if you bake them today, will there be any left?" I politely inquired.

"These are not to eat." Les declared. "These are going into the freezer so we can take them to the lake."

Hmmmm. Did I mention that we really, really like cookies???


Ashley said...

lol that would happen the same way at my house!!

Kara said...

Those look so yummy! They would be gone in a flash over here. Carter was saying yummy as I scrolled through your post! I guess I need to get to baking!

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