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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm feeling a little Crafty!

I've rediscovered crafting. Molly has this etsy shop, encomium, (see the sidebar to visit) and Sarah's always painting, creating, molding something in college and I've been bitten (again) by the crafting bug. ( What's encomium? Look in the dictionary, silly.) There's just something about Fall that makes me want to nestle down, eat a bunch of carbs and make stuff! I guess it's all those "get ready for a home-made holiday" magazines I see!

Insert here Les making sarcastic remarks about my penchant for starting projects. Yes, starting projects. No end in sight...... I get them almost done but there's just something about the finishing....I keep thinking, this won't take me long to finish so I'll just start something new, and before you know it, years have passed!

What? You want to see what I've began and never finished? I'll bet you want to compare what you've got stashed in your own closet, don't you! I have researched this phenomenon and have discovered that most women have a project or two or fifty that they have purchased materials for and maybe have even began, but somehow, never seem to finish. So they hide their shame in bags and boxes and baskets all over the house so their husband will hopefully not discover that the project is eventually going into the garage sale pile!

Here it is: A sampling of my unfinished projects. The crewel work bear picture is the worst. I began it in 1987. The cross stitch duck? about 1991. The Christmas stocking just needs cut out and stuffed--for 4 years. And just two years ago, I began the pillow cases. My excuse? Life gets in the way of creativity. Then, that particular muse is gone!

But I'm turning over a new leaf. If I'm gonna drag all of my amazing finds home from garage sales with the intentions of making stuff with it, I've gotta finish some stuff too!!!

I told you about the pumpkin extravaganza my mom and I had a few weeks ago after she found a box of awesome fabric and a terrific 4 dollar sewing machine! I made a bunch of pumpkins and even a couple of pears (the strange giant looking thing on the right!) that I thought turned out great! And it was a blast, to boot! And you will be proud of me. There is not one single cut but unstitched pumpkin, not one single sewn, but unstuffed pear and not even one bit of yarn left out in the craft room! Cause I finished what I began!

Les (of all people) talked some ladies at church into holding a quilting class, which of course I'm taking! It is his ministry after all and I have to support it! Our first project is a small quilt--wall hanging size. Here is part of mine. I've got the blocks together, but the border is just laid on there so you can get the effect. I'm loving it. But I've still got to finish Molly's quilt too!

This weekend, I found this book and bangle at a rummage sale, cause I want to make this awesome bookish bangle bracelet.

I'll tell you, if you're not careful you can fall in down deep in the (world wide) web of crafting and never find your way home again! This girl at "Little Birdie's Nest" pushes my buttons when I read about all the cool stuff she crafts and she regularly blogs about her thrifting adventures!

Ok. What are you waiting for? Nest, Eat, Create! It's Fall!


Mandy said...

I have to admit, I don't do many crafts so I don't really have things that aren't finished (oh crafts I mean), but I really think that my mom has you beat hands down! I think she may have some twenty plus year old crafts unfinished!

Mandy said...

Oh, and I was also wondering about you being a librarian and all, and cutting up books, just seems kind of wrong to me!

Janice said...

Okay, when did you get that much done on your quilt? I haven't even gotten mine back out yet. It looks great!

Kara said...

I have several projects not finished...mainly cross stitching. But also a few other sewing things, that I hope to finish over fall break. We shall see!

emmafudd said...

I, too, am a closet craft addict! I LONG to craft, but can't seem to find the time these days. Jason calls me a collector.

Becky said...

I cannot believe Mandy ratted me out! I really always have the intentions of finishing all projects... You must come to CPR in the summer, it's fun and of course the fellowship is awesome:) I am jealous of the quilts, I couldn't take the class because I have to be gone too many Saturdays - next time...

Dawn said...

About cutting up a book--I struggled with that till I found this copy of Little Women for .25 and it was paperback and in sad shape. So the Lord provided a sacrifice--Not quite on par with Isaac and Abraham of course!

Anonymous said...

Sso, did yo make that bracelet? Also, I hate to tell you but it just gets worse, I have quilt blocks of double knit. How old is that? I can identify all of the things that I made with them though. Did you used to say, "I will never do that"? It just happens. I love your craftiness though and I love you. Mom

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