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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Visit Andi

Head on over to my sister's blog, Andi's Ramblings, and read about my Grandma. Andi's got a funny story about Grandma Irene and guns. She's an awesome grandma that has us all convinced that each one is her favorite! Here's a picture of her in Cimarron Canyon in New Mexico fishing. Notice the headscarf! She doesn't go anywhere without it! Sorry for the poor quality. Did anyone else have one of those pocket instamatics? I think I took about 1 billion bad pictures with one of these little things! The negative was just too tiny to take good pictures!
Are you feeling fall-ish? I'm sure you are cause the weather this week has been BEAUTIFUL! There's nothing like an Oklahoma October day--the light becomes more golden, the sky has a special blue and lately we've missed out on wind so the weather is perfect to inducing you to decorate for the season. Here's a white pumpking that Molly painted last fall. I haven't seen any this fall in the stores. But if you drive down to Vici, there is a farmstand just before you get to town that has enormous pumpkins for sale. I always say I'm going to grow some but never do.
Have a great day! Now go visit my sister!


Kara said...

cute pumpkin! wish i could do that! also my great grandma always wore one of those scarves on her head! I thought it was silly!

Andi said...

Aaaawww, sending people to my blog. What an awesome big sister. Still looking out for me! By the way, Brent is jealous that Molly topped him in pumpkin creativity. I'll be posting pics some day.

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