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Friday, October 31, 2008

Prepared for Halloween

I'm so ready for Halloween, it's scary!

I'm so prepared that I'm frantically scanning and posting these pictures that I had planned on finding before tonight while my family is preparing for Kidfest at church!

I'm so prepared that I've dug through a bunch of boxes all during supper, hunting for pictures.

I'm so prepared that I had to keep the alfredo sauce from dripping on the albums I paged through to hunt for halloween shots.

I'm so prepared I only found a few pictures of Halloween Past and they aren't even very good!

But I'm going to share them anyway. I've made a bunch of costumes but can't find the pictures of the girls wearing them.

But here goes.

Harumph. May I have your attention please.....

Presenting Sarah the Clown--2 years old.

Presenting Molly the Hillbilly, before we got on a dental plan.

And now for the Lovely Castor sisters, heading for the hop! I actually made these skirts.

I'm so sorry you missed out on the other adorable costumes I made. Maybe I'll find them for next year......On halloween night, 2009!


Andi said...

Cute pics! I'm enjoying your homemade costumes! I stole your widget idea. Keep adding cool things to your blog so I can make mine look better! Of course, no digital camera, so no pics! Have a great weekend!

Mandy said...

I love your preparedness (sp? word?) It reminds me a lot of myself!

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