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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maybe Werewolves Are Real

Warning: the following post is rambling, full of parenthetical comments (both editorial and sarcastic) and informative. And did I mention rambling??

Good Morning. I will now present your lesson for the day. A happy learning moment in time. Oh, I just made a pun. It's actually a happy learning moment about time! Punny me!

That is the current time. (see picture at left or above or wherever it moved once I posted)
A. M.
A. M.? What does that mean? Sit tight, my little students and learn:
According to worldtimezone.com, AM means Ante Meridiem (Latin for before midday! imagine) and PM means Post Meridiem (Latin meaning after midday! who knew?).
You can, according to these experts (who advertise a product that asks "why is you stomach fat," so I'm not sure about the expertise. See Note below) use any form of periods or capitalization and be correct--am, A.M. a.m. and AM. And just so you'll know (and I can't get the underline to go away cause I'm too lazy to type it over--cut and paste, ya know):
Terms 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. cause confusion and should not be used as neither the "12 am" nor the "12 pm" designation is technically correct.
It advisable to use 12 noon and 12 midnight where clarity is required.
To avoid ambiguity, airlines, railroads, and insurance companies use 12:01am for an event beginning the day, 11:59pm for ending it.
Traveling clarification!
This concludes your lesson for the day.
It's a full moon. Perhaps I'm a werewolf. That would explain the hair on my legs. And why I woke up at 12:00, 2:00 and at last got up at 4:00. So I tried to take a picture of my yard because it seems as bright as day. this sad view is my effort. I didn't have a tripod (As if I could find one in the middle of the night). The wind was blowing. It was cold. I was bored with the effort in about 1.5 seconds and then when I changed my mind I couldn't get the camera to turn off. But the results are provided here, for your perusal. That way you won't have to get up and check it out for yourself. At 4:00 am, just in case you
This is me. Just in case you think I'm naturally beautifully 24/7. Oh, I am, you say. You are so sweet. Now go get your monitor fixed. Note the wrinkles in the forehead. Note the blemish on the cheek. These two items should not go together. It's just wrong. Note the tight grip on the coffee cup. And just for honesty's sake, Molly took this picture yesterday. I'm also not able to figure out the self-timer feature on the camera at 5 something Ante Meridiem.
Now muffins, I think I will go bake muffins. Cause I went on line in my not sleeping state and looked up the Magnolia Bakery cupcake recipe and found a delicious Raspberry Cream Cheese Bun recipe. And if I can't sleep, perhaps the Lord is telling me to get up and do something. Like make muffins for my family. Oh and Pray!
By the way--other random tidbits from my life: The cat has been limping (crippled and sad) and has slept in the middle of the doorway since Monday. Last night, she started hobbling around and I noticed that the hair is falling off her leg and she has an ugly wound that is looking disgustingly rotten so perhaps she got bit by a spider instead of falling off the fence and breaking her leg like I thought. I hope so because I didn't want to take her to the vet. He can't do anything about a spider bite, but a broken leg with protruding bone that I've ignored for a day or four is another matter.
And Sarah is coming home this weekend and that makes me happy. Funny how these visits always coincide with a certain tall guy's breaks from Basketball Practice....hmmm......But I know she's missing us!
And Molly went to an art Contest in Weatherford yesterday and received 3rd for her watercolor. It was a timed contest and they had a still life type of thing set up that she had to paint. And Saturday she goes to Edmond for the second round of tryouts for All State Honor Choir.
And Les is still asleep. But he's adorable that way. And he's the best husband ever. And I think if I start up the mixer it might wake him up then I can have someone to talk to. :)
NOTE: I almost forgot: In the interest of veracity and authentication of websites: The best ones do not use advertising (like mine!). Remember anyone with an internet connection can create a website and say anything they want (like me!). It is up to you to be a discerning and truth-seeking citizen when using the web for informational purposes.


Andi said...

Dawn!!!! What is wrong with you? I'm calling PETA on you...Not really, but you're obviously your parents' daughter...The cat can be treated, and easily...Spider bites can be treated with antibiotics. If you have a nice vet he will give her a shot so you don't have to trick her into eating it. Or, I always put neosporin on Oliver's wound's, or the wounds he used to give Callie (he's such a bully). However, if you think it's a spider bite it needs antibiotics. At least that's what we do for humans, so I'm sure a cat could use some too. Don't be your father's daughter...get the cat treated. (I knew you were getting tired of pets....) And remember, I love you in spite of your cruelty to animals....:D


Dawn said...

You see—the problem with treating a cat:
-You must hold the cat still.
-You must protect yourself from claws and teeth
-You can put all the anti-biotic stuff on there you want but it will either smear it all over the carpet/furniture/floor or lick it off. And I guess taken internally would work but It seems like such a waste.
-And most of all, I have taken the cat to the vet before for what seems to me like a serious issue. He x-rays. He consults. He charges me $100.00. Then he says: take her home and keep an eye on it.

And it’s probably too late for antibiotics. She seems miraculously healed. Except for the gaping wound/missing fur/limping part. But she’s eating well!

emmafudd said...

Hey, Dawn...The freaks come out at night...(hums tune loudly and off-key)...

Becky said...

Been trying to catch up on my post reading and I always love reading yours. Don't blame you about the cat - it's a cat - they always seem to have amazing "heal yourself" abilities (and if not,get another cat) Am I callous? Also love the vacation posts - my family has been to every place you mentioned. I always got a horse, everywhere we went. Guess that gave me something to put in my vintage room :)

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