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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Want a giggle with your morning prayer?

Visit the Internet Cafe, a devotional spot for women. A variety of Christian women contribute to it. The posts run the gamut of emotions--hilarious to sad. After all, the posts are written by WOMEN! And the posts always touch my heart. Even if the issue being written about doesn't directly affect what I'm going through, God's presence, through the writing of these women, is always evident.

It's sponsored by a variety of sites, one being Christian Women Online. And if you are like me and emjoy spending time (that you probably don't have!)online, you will find yourself clicking away, reading other blogs, reading the online magazine, and eventually, will wonder how you got to where you end up! But the journey will be a blast!

Go. Go. Go! Read today's post titled "Wild Savior." It's good for a giggle! But most of all, it's good for your soul!

P. S. About spending time online that you don't have--Who needs sleep?

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