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Monday, November 24, 2008

What Am I Doing--a Stream of Consciousness Post

It is 11:24 p.m. My feet are cold. I'm cold. I'm sleepy. I had to be at work early to receive a shipment of books for the book fair next week. The morning was spent moving the books and boxes and cases back and forth in the dark, trying to be quiet cause the counselor was doing classroom guidance and using a projector in the library.
I left at 11:30 (ante meridiem!) to attend a funeral. I had Mexican Pizza for lunch. I ate a Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and pecans and red sprinkles for an afternoon snack. Home made--not that I'm bragging! Les made French Toast for supper. I just read a blog about drinking a cup of hot tea and realized I am hungry. So I head to the kitchen to get a very light snack, considering I had eaten nothing but starch today (unless you count the dried fruit in my oatmeal, and the peppers in the frozen pizza?). What I left the kitchen with was a cup of hot chocolate and a Turtle Pecan Biscotti. Very good, but not so light!
My knee hurts. Is the weather changing? I've got to make a bunch of pies Wednesday. I like to make pies, but if the weather is changing, which would mean getting colder, I'd rather read a book in front of the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate.....

I'm warming up cause of the delicious Madagascar Vanilla (with chocolate shavings!) hot chocolate and because I am a brilliant person! Why am I brilliant might you ask (why you would have to ask, I don't know!)? Because I have sat here for 30 minutes with some brand new socks on my lap and it finally occured to me to put them on my feet! Amazing the difference a little yarn makes. Oh and putting the socks where they count!

I wish Molly had remembered BEFORE 9:30 that she might need something to wear tomorrow to Weatherford to WOCDA Honor Choir. Everytime we shop, I say to both of my daughters--"Find something nice. Find something dressy. You always need something nice and you never have anything to wear." But do they do it? No they don't. They are seduced from my orders and demands by displays of casual, cute stuff for school. Piles of cute tops go home with us. Hundreds of pairs of casual shoes (Tennis shoe-ey types). A billion trillion dollars later, there is still nothing to wear for 'nice.' Somehow church doesn't count in the 'nice' dressing up category. Not that they don't look fine for church, but teenagers don't dress quite like adults do (that's a newsflash, I'm sure!). So, Molly had no concert attire. ......And on Tuesday evening, we will drive to Weatherford to hear the lovely performance of a bunch of kids who value the arts.

If you haven't looked, go to Sae Splatters to see some amazing, terrific, fantastic, splendiferous pictures of Les and I.

I wonder if the dog got her hair cut today or just a bath. The cat should go. She looks brown. She's white but was very dirty when she came in tonight. Yes, her leg is all healed up. She hardly limps. Just kidding. She doesn't limp at all. And she is back to jumping on the bathroom counter, meowing for a drink from the faucet--she likes her water running! I guess if I had to lick all that dirt off me, I'd be meowing for a fresh drink myself. And now I'm about out of cocoa...

Ok. I'm done rambling for tonight. "Stream of Consciousness" by the way is a literary technique that attempts to replicate what might be running through an author's mind as he writes. Or throught a character's mind as she goes about her day to day stuff. Believe me, you'll be glad to know I left A BUNCH of stuff out!

What's up with this picture? It goes with nothing I've said, but I just like it. It's the view of a passing summer storm a mile or so from where I grew up. I like how the light hits the cliffs and the sky is dark behind it. I love the cedar fence post in the middle--the rustic, knobby, crooked-y-ness of it. All that green stuff in the pasture? That is sagebrush. I love how it smells and looks. Even though it makes me sneeze. I like how I framed the picture with the trees. I'm sure that was an accident--not a truly artistic moment!

Oh and can you see the windmill on top of the cliff? There--it's right there in the center! Right smack dab in the middle of the picture! You might have to squint--or click on the picture and enlarge it. You see the windmill now? Good. Those aren't used much anymore. It's hard to find someone to fix them. It's hard to find parts and it's much easier to install electric waterers just a little ways from the road. They don't creak and blow about in the wind though. Love that sound. Perhaps I could quit school and become a windmill repair person. MMMMM. Probably not. It's hard work. And the windmills only break down in the heat of summer, the bitter cold of winter or when the wind is blowing hard. Never on nice calm days where the temperature is benevolent.

Man--go to bed already! Why are you sitting up reading with me! Goodnight!

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Sarah Castor said...

i really like that picture! I am so ready for this semester to be over. I spent 6 1/2 hours in the print studio today (left at 1:30 am) and I still have crap to do! I am still not caught up! I should blog about this but I don't know if all of my professional veiweres would enjoy my whining/rambling. Oh and I have you know i turned my computer off yesterday before midnight and i didn't turn it back on until just now on tuesday! I went a whole monday without using the computer! And they say that this is all college/ people my age do. Be on the computer, be on facebook, whatever, nag nag, blah blah. But I tell you, I have very little business on facebook other than posting pictures and seeing what people think about them. Well I am tired and although I had planned to go to bed around 11:30, homework doesn't allow such luck. So I shall leave you with this. I am hungry after reading your blog but I think I shall ignore it and go to sleep. Love you.

P.S. Today's word verification ladies and gentlemen is "socona" which means absolutely nothing in the English language but maybe someday it will. One day the word was "guilty" or something weird like that. Weird....

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