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Saturday, December 27, 2008

It Was the Year of the Hot Drink

I had a great Christmas and got some really thoughtful gifts. I think everyone got together to coordinate "The Year of the Hot Drink!" I received gourmet coffee, a fancy schmancy one -up coffee maker, a selection of flavored teas and a beeyoutiful tea cup, saucer and pot. And Sarah made me this cup. She took Pottery this semester and I think she only made two things. My cup and a neat 'vessel' for her dad. But she got an 'A' and that's what matters!

She made my cup left handed so I can hold it by the cup, (not the handle) with my fingers inside a little pocket made by the leaves.

So Tolkien, so Elven!


Dwayne D said...

I like that mug. So which coffee maker did ya get, the coffee snob in me has to know :D

Dawn said...

Keurig. It makes great coffee--If I can just find the kind I like best! I'm still searching through the box of samples so I'll know what to order. It has these little pods that look like big creamer containers (like at restaurants) and it pierces them and sends hot water through. You can also get tea and hot chocolate.

Sarah Castor said...

Mother, i must correct you and say that I took Ceramic Handbuilding not Pottery. Pottery is on a wheel and Ceramic Handbuilding is well on a table I suppose.

Shasta said...

I love the mug, what a great idea!

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