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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Baby, Got you On My Mind

Hey You!
Yes, You!

Aren't you that picture-taking, music-making, set-building, fish-filleting, home-renovating, tap-dancing, wife-romancing man I've been married to for 23 years?

You are the one that God knew when you were this tiny little baby,

even long before that--that this day would come. That this day would find us with two beautiful girls, a lot of memories, and a lot of laughter.

I didn't know you would be equally at home outdoors, fishing, working getting dirty....

As inside, cleaning, leading worship, entertaining anyone in the vicinity. You are always what I expect--whether in a suit or sloppy clothes, wherever we are, whoever we are with, you're yourself--the best!

I didn't know I was marrying a pilot wannabe and a gospel band member. I didn't know I was getting a Home Construction Expert, a Horror Movie Fan and a Titanic aficionado. I never dreamed I was marrying such a great dad, loyal friend, loving son and romantic husband. I just knew you were cute, sang well, and liked me alot!

But God knew all you had been, all your were and all you will be and knew in His infinite wisdom that you would be perfect for me. He put you right there--in my head and heart all along.

You're positive when I'm not, you're happy while I'm moody, you're outgoing when I'm a loner. You drag me along, sometimes against my will , making me a better, nicer, more likable person.

God knew that somehow we would learn to put up with each other's crazy habits and wild relatives. That someday we'd have matching cut-off fingers. That someday we'd be looking to a near future with just the two of us again. I'm looking forward to a lot more years of crazy memories. To a lot more of dancing in the fall, to the music only we can hear.
You can always fly my plane, pilot my boat, push the TV remote, anything you want, as long as it's with me.

Love you. Happy Anniversary.


Rechelle said...

Tap dancing! Set building! That is my kind of guy! What more could you ask for in a man! Matching cut off fingers?!?!?

Hilary said...

That is SOOOO sweet. You two are a great couple! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!- and may God continue to bless your marriage and give you MANY more WONDERFUL years together!

Kara said...

That is so sweet, I admit I teared up just a tad! You married a great man, and he got a great woman too! Congrats on your anniversary! Love all the pics too!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful tribute. Congratualtions to our wonderful daughter and son-in-law. what a team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janice said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband - and he didn't do so bad either! Love you both!

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