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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh, That Christmas Craft!

I used some of those 'Dresden Plate' quilt pieces.....

Sewed them on some festive red and white ticking...

Then trimmed them out with rick rack and jingle bells... (remind me to show you the vintage paper pattern that was wrapped around the rick rack sometime will ya?)

Raggedy Ann and Mrs. Beasley supervised....

And made wreaths!

While browsing blogs, I found this free pattern for "Mister Bluebird" and made a cute little bird to dangle in the middle....With Ann's encouragement!

And can you believe I gave them all away and didn't take a picture of a completed one?

I'm gonna make me one....Eventually!


Shasta said...

Neat! I can't seem to tap into my crafty side, I guess I'm just a baker at heart and not a crafter.

Kara said...

Very crafty! I really like them! Great job.

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