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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Remembering That Christmas Craft

Remember when I told you I was feeling crafty? Do you recall my love of creating? Life got in the way--I'm tired. I've promised my house as the setting for a Christmas party. Will they notice the lack of seasonal decor?

And remember about my love of creating neat little scenarios/vignettes aroung my home. I still like it, but it takes so long.....and I'm such a piddler. (is that how you spell that?) Last night it took me two hours (at least) to put some vintage glass ornaments in a large, clear, antique battery glass thingy. I had to find them, clean them, put them in one container that didn't work, empty the battery case of its current contents, put the ornaments in it, discover the glass was clear but not clean, empty the ornaments, clean the battery case with scrapey stuff, polish it, put the ornaments back.....well you see what happens!

And I don't even want to discuss the Christmas tree. We have a huge, giant, enormous tree that is only 4 years old. But it is not prelit. It is in lots of pieces. And did I say it is huge? I'm not talking tall--I'm talking around. I'm not in the mood to put it together, fluff the branches, string the lights (Les' job, actually) and then decorate it with literally hundreds of ornaments. So I've been looking for a slim, prelit tree. For less than a hundred dollars. Taller than four feet. The two don't go together! But all the time and energy I have spent searching for a different tree because I'm lazy to avoid using this one--I could have put my current one together at least twice.

Man--all the stuff I haven't done!

I'm sure you remember the that cool Mod Podge bracelet with sentences from books--I did cut out some sentence strips...I did it one night really, really late (or early) when I wasn't sleeping.

Oh, and remember the quilt I was making for Molly? The top is done but I need to cut the backing to the correct length and cut the batting and put it together. It's the finishing I always have trouble with! I'm a terrific starter! Les keeps asking if we don't want to take it somewhere to be quilted. Meaning 'finished!' I've measured and marked but haven't cut and stitched. And Molly wants it puffy so that means hand-tied, not machine quilted.

I did finish one item--my lap quilt! I finished it Thanksgiving day while gossiping visiting with my family. Here's the completed masterpiece, hanging on the wall in my den. Please forgive the lighting. It's not great but I wanted to show off my tiny little lap throw and prove to my husband that I can finish a project! And those circles in the photo--angels? Fairy dust? I'm glad I didn't plan on using this on the bed, seeings how the measurements that were clearly listed in the instructions do not match up to my mental vision!

I had great intentions of making hundreds or at least dozens or perhaps 10 of a particular, top-secret craft using the dresden plate quilt blocks/pieces/circles (or whatever you want to call them) for various purposes besides decorating a lamp shade.

(1. Craft fair--sell lots and make tons of money. That failing:
(2. Christmas gifts for everyone on my list. If that fell through:
(3. Make three--one for me, one for my wonderful mother-in-law and one for my fabulous mom.

Current goal--make just one--one for me--one that will be too precious to ever give away because it will be one of a kind and will have caused blood, sweat and tears to be created. One that will be finished--completed--done!

We'll see! The project is a secret just in case I get really energetic and productive and surprise and thrill everyone on my Christmas list!

I am capable of finishing:
Pecan Pie
A Book
a pan of "Hello Dolly's


this post!


Tisha said...

Hobby Lobbies trees are 30% off until Sunday and they have a printable 40% off coupon online, however it cannot be used in conjuction with the 30%. Just FYI incase you want run to Enid or know someone who will be near a Hobby Lobby and can check prices for you!!!

Andi said...

Oh, and that Christmas craft? I have NO SYMPATHY!!! I'm not crafty and SOMEONE decided to do gifts from the heart!

Of course, I did get a brilliant idea, and you're going to love it, if I figure out how to do it!

Andi said...

I made a comment before the first one, but it never showed up, and you know I MUST BE HEARD!!!!

I have great news for you! I got a tree at Garden Ridge 50% off ($99). It's 7 1/2 foot and prelit, and only 3 ft diameter! I love it! Oh, was that great news for me, or you? Ha ha

Shasta said...

If our tree wasn't prelit I probably wouldn't put it up. LOL!! I got Christmas decorating burnout as a kid and rarely feel in the mood to do it. Dwayne is the same way. Although this year we are looking forward to putting the tree up.

I too like to craft but am not very good at it. When I do find something I like to do *jewelry making* I have to be in the mood, which hasn't been often. Beading is something when you start you have to finish kind of things.

We have a lady at church that can look at a project and have it done in 15 minutes. She's amazingly gifted! God gave me gifts and crafts isn't one of them. I think I'll stick with baking!!

Go For It! said...

I posted six random things...

Becky said...

I hate secrets - especially the kind no one will tell me - dying to know yours :)

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