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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Everyone in the state, EXCEPT US (but I'm not bitter) is out of school because of the ice. And perhaps, not Everyone, but most everyone east of us is out of school. I'm thankful we don't have ice. I'm sure, in March, when we don't have to make up the snow day, I'll be thankful we had school! But I wouldn't argue about staying home!

Just so you'll know--It's 16 degrees outside. The forecast today called for sunshine but it snowed all day instead. While driving to school this morning, I noticed the falling snow looked like snow-globe mica in the headlights. Of course I had no camera and couldn't have gotten the effect even if I had.
Snow-globe mica--I think there's a poem in there somewhere.......

I was outside bringing in wood for the fireplace (did I tell you how much I love the fireplace?) and my backyard was covered in diamonds! Unfortunately, snow diamonds don't photograph very well at night, no matter how it looks under street lights. But if you use Paint Shop and put a frame around them, they will look a little better! Gotta love those frames! And for you photo adjusters--I curved, I clarified, I enhanced, fillflashed, hued, saturated, etc. and they didn't improve much.

Yes, it's difficult to get good icy/snowy pictures, especially after dark--but for you, I went out, got my house shoes wet and perservered. And did you know that your warm house shoes will collect snow like crazy and you can't scrape it off! And then your feet will be cold while you are wasting time blogging. So take my advice and put your shoes on before trekking outsideinto the frozen tundra!
And no, I didn't take pictures of my soggy, snowy, wet house shoes. You're welcome.
I just took pictures of these ice-bound plants!

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