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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Winter Poem

I dug out this old poem I wrote in 1998. I was taking the girls to school on a snowy, windy day and was inspired by the sight of the snow snaking along the ground, racing ahead of the car.
And then just because a post is not a post without a picture, I included this picture from a couple of years ago of the girls playing in the snow!

Snow Snakes

Slithering, slipping, sliding
Down the road.
Harbingers of a storm.
Their sinuous bodies race
Before the Northern blasts
Until their twisting, turning selves
Meld together
And finally transform
Into a full-force gale.

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Marilyn said...

So now I gotta do more pictures. I can only learn one thing at a time and doing a blog period, takes a lot from my calcified brain. If you don't believe me just read mine and see that I can't even spell right.

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