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Monday, January 05, 2009

Oh you Beautiful Doll--Part 2

Presenting Mrs. Beasley.

Did you ever watch Family Affair with Buffy, Jody and Cissy? I always wanted a butler like Mr. French, but Mom didn't think we needed one in the Oklahoma Panhandle! I had this weird thing I did as a kid (just one! haha!). I combed all my dolls hair back from their face. Mrs. Beasley was the best result of that. She just looks like a little old lady with bad hair. The rest of my dolls had pitiful stick-up bangs! I'm sure you can tell the Original Mrs. B. is on the left. I had forgotten till I got her out that she was actually a double amputee. The cast of masking tape has worn out. She's very faded and of course missing her collar, apron and eyeglasses. Poor thing. At least she has this lovely flannel nightgown to keep her warm in her dark plastic box! She no longer talks and has a bad scrape above one eye. Probably couldn't see without her glasses and ran into a door frame!

Back when Mrs. Beasley could talk--here's what she said. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Imagine this in a little old lady voice!

"You May call me Mrs. Beasley, would you like to play?"

"Long ago I was a little girl just like you!"

"Speak a little louder dear, so Mrs. Beasley can hear you"

"Do You want to know a secret? I know one"

"If you could have three wishes,what would you wish for?"

"Would You like to try on my glasses? You may if you wish"

"It would be such fun to play jump rope, don't you think?"

"Gracious me your getting to be such a big girl"

"I do think You're the nicest little friend I ever had"

"If you were a little smaller I could rock you to sleep"

I found a website about Retro Toys with a Mrs. Beasley page where people may share their memories of her. I loved my doll and it was neat to read what she meant to others in their childhood.

If you are interested, Back to Basics Toys has Mrs. Beasley for sale--just $95.95!


Rechelle said...

I had a Mrs. Beasley Doll! I loved her very much.

Andi said...

Did she have a British accent? In my mind she should sound like Julie Andrews/what's-her-name off of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks.

Jenni said...

I so loved Mrs. Beasley.
I had forgot what all she said.

She was the other dolls babysitter when I was away and she was also a school teacher. I would line up all the other dolls and place Mrs. Beasley at the front of the class with my chalkboard and she would instruct the other dolls.

I still have her. In a box. Without the glasses. My SIL called her scarry when she helped us move and that made me sad.

Her hair stands up like the doll pictured on the left, and the hair is wearing thin.
$95 wow!

I think I still love Mrs. Beasley.

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