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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh, You Beautiful Doll--Part 1

I told you about them awhile back--those dolls I got for Christmas.

Raggedy Ann and the new Mrs. Beasley have been watching over me in the spare bedroom/sewing room. The others are put away because I don't want to clean them, pick up the pieces or brush their hair. But I dug them out of storage to share with you. They were so happy to see the light of day and I'm sure their little dolly hearts were so sad to be returned to the plastic totes but that's the way life goes! Oh gosh, I'd better quit being all descriptive here or I'm going to have to go get them out and apologize to them!

By the way--I used to buy sad, unlovely dolls at garage sales and auctions because I felt sorry for them, much to Les' amusement and the girls horror. I've quit that now 'cause those dolls just have no personal history. But before I sold them at my own garage sale, I washed them up and fixed their hair and dressed them nicely!

Here are the Raggedys (should that have an ies or an apostrophe or what? oh well). The one on the left is my Raggedy Ann, purchased by my Great Grandma Jones for Christmas. I loved her and her little arms and feet bear the tale of being dragged around everywhere. The second from the left is Sarah's. Sadly, Molly and Sarah didn't care as much for dolls as I, but you can see a stain on her nose from multiple kisses! Molly has a Raggedy Ann too--a beautiful one handmade just for her by someone from the first church where Les was part time music minister. The other three in the picture were gifts.

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