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Sunday, March 01, 2009

From the Blogosphere....

I've been kinda lazy today.

Enjoy these quotes from friends and strangers. Check out their blogs. Spend a few hours in the blogosphere!

"I am trying to savor this time, and not take it for granted." Hillary

"Why do you write?" "So that people will know they're not alone." Lisa Samson

"I know your first thought was the same as mine... Amish consume booze....." The Milkman's Wife

"What happens when we use the Christian F word "fine," What Christians Like

"Have you ever gone somewhere without your diaper bag?" Jessica Turner

Amy Grant is recording a new album.

"Spring is in the air!" Sydnie Davidson

"Maybe (God) created me with a wave of his hand, like a conductor leading a band." Shasta

Mary Conneally's new book, Gingham Mountain, sequel to Petticoat Ranch and Callico Canyon has been released this month.

"Just point me to the nude beaches....." Emma

"When Mr. Cotswold was all nakey, he got a pedicure." at Chickens in the Road

"I go to school with a girl who is deaf." Sarah's Blog

"Sometimes, life is simply meant to be enjoyed" Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist

"you'll want to hurry and read the next one and the next one and..." Janice Brown

"It's your lucky day!" The Farm Chicks

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