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Friday, February 20, 2009

Did You Know? and a Gadget and a Thought!

Did you know that Facebook is forever? You can close your account, delete your pictures and defriend your friends but Facebook has the rights to everything you put on there forever! Eek! Read more here.

Here's a neato-mosquito Gadget I found online when reading blogs last night! Visit loonapix.com.

Upload a favorite photo and choose from a variety of effects, frames and shapes.

You can also animate yourself or an object, if you're in the mood for movement!

Loogix.com. Animated avatars. MotleyLoogix.com. Animated avatars. Guggle

And the Thought: I've discovered when texting with predictive text on, the word 'book' by default shows up as the word 'cool!' Well, of course! A coincidence? I think not!

Books are Cool!


Dwayne D said...

Actually Facebook has gone back to their old terms of service, at least for now anyway.

Hilary said...

Interesting, and I am definately going to check out that picture site sometime. I don't really understand the predictive text thing. Am I missing out on something else cool?

Dawn said...

Dwayne--That article was written today, didn't research further. And I don't Facebook!

Hillary--Predictive text on your phone assumes what you are going to type in and completes words for you.

Janice said...

Interesting about Facebook. I have heard stories about young people losing the chance at a great job because of Facebook.
The sight with the fun pictures looks interesting. I will have to check that out.

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