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Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Always Changing

It's been said if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait and this spring weather is certainly proving the truth of that statement!

Remember this picture from a few days ago? I couldn't decide whether or not to get out the porch furniture. Awhile back, we emptied our fish pond, bucketing out 50 something buckets of sludge and getting it ready for summer. Last Saturday, Molly and I dug up a flowerbed, pulling out grass and digging in compost. We were hot and sweaty!

It's been almost 90 degrees a day or two this month, but today, we are under a blizzard watch! It's 28 degrees right now about noon. When I got up this morning at 5:00, it was 48 degrees, misty and no wind. By 7:00 there had been thunder and lightning, it was sleeting to beat the band and the wind was howling from the north!

Monday evening, I cleaned the woodpile off the back porch, swept up the woodchips and dirt and got out the porch furniture. It looked so inviting. I could hardly wait to sit out there, reading and blogging and partaking of some sort of caffeinated beverage!

Thursday morning, I walked out the shed where I had stacked the wood. The air was fresh and clean and damp smelling. The birds were singing cheerfully in celebration of the return of spring.

I turned the wheelbarrow over and began to pile the wood in for the return journey to the porch. The weathermen were prophesying doom and gloom over the prospects of the weekend, proclaiming we had chances of 2 feet of snow with blowing drifts. As I piled each stick of wood into the wheelbarrow, I hoped they were right. Not only because we need the moisture--the unfrozen kind would be the best of course--but I didn't want to be haulin' that wood back to the house for nothing!

So we didn't go shopping for prom dresses as we had planned this weekend. During a trip to the giant 'suck your wallet dry if you're not careful' discount store this morning, I grabbed a prom magazine so Molly could at least shop vicariously!

But I do plan on burning up that wood, not returning it to the nether regions of the back yard. And I did get some lovely "Tulips in the Snow" pictures!

And it better not stay cold long--I will weigh two thousand pounds it if does. I made apple monkey bread this morning for breakfast. When I was a kid I loved the book "Rascal" about a boy who's mom has passed away and his dad is busy, but he has lots of wild animals for pets, including a raccoon. At one point in the book, Sterling goes to the country to stay with his relatives who milk lots and lots of cows so they get up extremely early. The family would eat 'first breakfast' right after they got up. They then milked all those cows, did tons of chores and came back in for 'second breakfast.'

This morning, we had 'first breakfast' about 6ish, because we couldn't sleep for all the excitement of the promised blizzard. Then we went to the store and came home for 'second breakfast' about 9. Then we were hungry for a mid-morning snack at 10:30, then we had delicious stew at 12:00 for lunch.

I'm going to have to go chop wood with a kitchen knife to burn this fat off if I keep that up!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Yep, OK is alot like MS you don't like the weather just wait ...it is garenteed to change.You stay warm and safe.

Sarah Castor said...

Poor little tulips. It makes me sad. I am glad I didn't pack up my winter clothes to send home because I would have froze!

Brenda said...

That's pretty amazing! I remember once when we got snow on our tulips on Mother's Day in May. (In Canada our tulips come up a bit later than in Oklahoma) :)

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